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Four Generations of the Bartlett family have been growing, packing and shipping apples for 75 years. Our fine trees produce an average crop of 11,000 bushels of apples every year on 24 acres of choice apple growing land on Lenox Mountain in rural Massachusetts.

Francis and Betty along with Fran's parents, A.J. and Sophie, invested in the orchard in 1947.  The four of them established and operated the business for many years.  The third generation, sons Rick and Ron, have been working in the orchard since they were teenagers and are joined by their wives Cindy and Joan.


The fourth generation is learning the orchard business already.  Rick's two sons, Erick and Trevor have been helping out for many years.  The newest family members, Ron and Cindy's son and daughter, Justin and Micaela, along with Rick and Joan's daughter Elizabeth serve as special public relations consultants.

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